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Branislav Jankic (b. 1983) is a Serbian artist, director, and photographer based in New York City.  Born in the former Yugoslavia and raised during the early years of the civil war, his work explores paraphilia, vulnerability, and dynamics of power. After migrating to Munich as a child, Jankic graduated in 2008 with a degree in Information Technology. Shortly thereafter, he began working as a model and later on as photographer, with his work appearing in Interview (RU, DE), GQ (UK), Vogue Homme (Japan), Elle, and Flaunt.

Under the tutelage of Gian Paolo Barbieri, Jankic’s work has evolved to display an “honesty that unites the personal and the universal, dismantl[ing] fixed perceptions, stereotypes and taboos“ (Huffington Post).  

Jankic draws deeply from his own past as a child of war, of addiction, and of rebirth. His first major book of photography, Letter to My Mother (2015) gave a voice to mothers struggling with addiction. His latest collaboration, Flowers of My Life, juxtaposes Jankic’s poetry with Gian Paolo Barbieri’s photographs and notebook excerpts. A “love story of an unprecedented genre, a nostalgic walk full of sensuality and sadness” (Vogue Paris), Flowers debuted at Milan Fashion Week and has been praised in Vanity Fair (IT), I.D.,Women’s Wear Daily, and Love Magazine (UK).

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