Branislav Jankić (b.1985) is a multidisciplinary artist who works principally in film and photography, performance as well as sculpture. Raised in the early years of the country’s civil war, his work explores paraphilia, vulnerability, and the dynamics of power.

Artist Statement

My work interrogates the experience of subordination, and I make films, sculptures, and performances that explore the possibility of redemption and survival. In particular, my interest is in the history of persons made to be submissive or those who labor under oppressive institutions or seemingly self-destructive patterns. This derives from aspects of my personal history as a survivor of war, a child of parental addiction, and a refugee from the former Yugoslavia. This experience of displacement and conflict has grounded my investigations into questions of addiction, of fetishism, and of devotion. Throughout, I sometimes look to the ways in which masochism transforms into fulfillment an experience that some would dismiss as only pain, and I see in this alchemy a guide to understanding how people come to survive subordination and pain. This is not to erase that pain but rather to figure out how it can be endured.


Branislav Jankic Studio LLC
134 Boerum Street, # 3C
11206 Brooklyn, NY
United States