Gianpaolo Barbieri and Branislav Jankic

Gian Paolo Barbieri’s new book, “Flowers of My Life,” marks the first
time the photographer tells a personal story dating back 25 years. In collaboration with Branislav Jankic, his longtime protégé, Barbieri opens the doors to his private life and narrates the love story he shared with departed partner Evar. In this context, Barbieri incorporates another passion by presenting highly symbolic photographs of flowers juxtaposed with photography of Evar. Accompanied by mementos, personal notes
from Evar, and poems that Jankic wrote from the perspective of Barbieri, the scene takes place in the here and now while simultaneously creating
a timeless sphere. The book’s publication in November 2016 coincides
with the establishment of the Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation, dedicated to the photographer’s vast archive. Published by Silvana Editoriale, Flowers of my life English edition is for now available at Silvana Editoriale online portal.
24 x 30 cm
108 pages
130 color illustrations
English edition
ISBN 9788836632909
€ 90,00

Branislav Jankic

Letter to my mother by Branislav Jankic is an impactful look into the lives of mothers suffering from addiction in the United States. The photographic series and book was prompted as the artist’s response to the lung cancer diagnosis of his mother, a former prescription drug and alcohol addict. The painful news brought to light their affected personal relationship, and the artist realized that many other families who struggle with addiction, both past and present, must have been through similar strain and damage.
Upon this realization, Jankic set out to find his mother, not in the literal sense, but through an emotional journey of meeting, photographing, and documenting 40 mothers, who had either achieved recovery or were in treatment, and their children. Published by Silvana Editorale, Letter To My Mother is available at Rizzoli Bookstore in New York.

Rizzoli Bookstore, NYC
1133 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

24 x 30 cm
192 pages
English Edition
ISBN 9788836632909
€ 40,00