Single-Channel digital color video installation, with sound, 8:37 Min.

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Our bodies are inherently submissive! We invest in them, shape them to be effective, care for them to be desired, train them to perform ceremonies and to carry out tasks. But bodies, like machines, accrue mileage. They get old and fail to obey our commands. For the past 15 years my mentor has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Being close to him I watched it begin slowly, almost barely visible, and then progressing more and more over the years to the stage in which he is today where he is dependent on constant help and care. He was always a strong and independent person, caring for others, including me. He lived a wondaful life, full of experiences. He traveled the world and met many incredible people. He would tell me about it all, and I loved those stories. It made me feel nostalgic for a time that I could only imagine. So, it is especially hard for him to accept the help he is forced to take at this time in his life. His body is in constant movement, refusing any of the commands his mind is sending. One day when he took a bath in his swimming pool at home and it was time to get dressed, he wanted to do it himself without my help. I took my camera and filmed him doing so. The poem howl by Alen Gainsbourg is layered under the video, as a recollection of the past.

©Branislav Jankic