Flowers Of My Life (Fiori Della Mia Vita)

2016 - 2018

Performance‐based feature‐length film (Color/black-and-white, 53:12 min)

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Fiori Della Mia Vita is based on the true love story of Gian Paolo and his partner Evar, who died a quarter of a century ago. After Evar was killed in a motorcycle accident, Gian Paolo had to deal with his tragic loss. He collected all of the photographs of Evar, mementos such as pressed flowers and Evar’s notes and made a scrap book. Inspired by Gianpaolo’s recurring dream, in which Evar appears to him in a room full of people where only Gian Paolo could see him, Fiori Della Mia Vita is a poetic film that shifts back and forth in between reality and dream, past and present, as well as memory and imagination.

Written, directed and edited by Branislav Jankić 
Cinematography by Luke Lanter
Music by Vedan Kolod
Produced by Gianpaolo Barbieri and Barbieri Foundation
Projects curator: Annalena Amthor

©Branislav Jankic