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FIORI DELLA MIA VITTA Performance based feature-lenght film and book
2016 — 2018

Based on the true love story of Gian Paolo and his partner Evar, who died a quarter of a century ago. After Evar was killed in a motorcycle accident, Gian Paolo had to deal with his tragic loss. He collected all of the photographs of Evar, mementos such as pressed flowers, Evar’s notes and made a scrap book. Inspired by Gianpaolo’s recurring dream, in which Evar appears to him in a room full of people where only Gian Paolo could see him, Fiori Della Mia Vita is a poetic film that shifts back and forth in between reality and dream, past and present, as well as memory and imagination.

For more information about the project :

ALTAR OF EVARThree tables covered by white cotton cloth,in front of three photographs (each 60x120 cm). On each table a marble vase with a red flower in it. From the top a wooden hanging vase with pine three twigs.*

*Installation by Branislav Jankic | Photographs by Gian Paolo Barbieri

GIAN PAOLO’S DREAM Circle of white orchids in wooden vases and white marble slabs.*

*Installation by Branislav Jankic

HOURS White marble slabs on black soil, sheltered by wild rose branches.*

*Installation by Branislav Jankic

FOUR PORTRAITS OF EVAR Digital print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper (70x50cm).*

*Photographs by Gian Paolo Barbieri