The meeting point – (Punto d’incontro), 2016
Installation: White orchids in wooden vases and white marble slabs

Performance based feature-length film, book and installation
2016 — 2018

Based on the true love story of Gian Paolo and his partner Evar, who died a quarter of a century ago. After Evar was killed in a motorcycle accident, Gian Paolo had to deal with his tragic loss. He collected all of the photographs of Evar, mementos such as pressed flowers, Evar’s notes and made a scrap book. Inspired by Gianpaolo’s recurring dream, in which Evar appears to him in a room full of people where only Gian Paolo could see him, Fiori Della Mia Vita is a poetic film that shifts back and forth in between reality and dream, past and present, as well as memory and imagination.

For more information about the project : www.flowersofmylife.com

Flowers of my Life (Fiori Della Mia Vita) - Trailer 
Single - channel Video (53:12 minutes) 

The Beginning – (L’inizio), 2016
Installation: Blackberry twig, wooden vase, rope
The End – (La fine), 2016
Installation: Pine branches, wooden vase, rope
The Pathway – (La strada), 2016
Installation: Wild roses, marble, soil
The Place where Evar is – (Il posto dove e Evar), 2016
Installation: Plexiglass, marble, soil, white anthurium 
Motorcyclist crashes into two cars – (Newspaper article about Evar accident)
Bergamo. After crashing into two cars, a young motorcyclist was killed last night at the crossroads of Locatelli street and Italia Boulevard in Almè, the province of Bergamo. Evar Locatelli (21), residing in Roma street, Paladina, lost his life in this accident. Following the intial impact between the motorcycle of large cylinder capacity and an Opel vehicle, A Mercedes coming from behind crashed into the young man; the impact was incredibly strong. Evar Locatelli fell onto the road and skidded with his motorcycle about thirty meters down the road. Any provison of help was useless. He died before the ambulance reached the Bergamo hospital.