Magic Lube 


Single-Channel digital color video installation, with sound, 1:15 Min.

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The piece is inspired by the old Marlboro man commercial that depicted the cowboy and wild stallions running free against the backdrop of the beautiful landscape of the American West. A male narrator describes the wild stallion as something rare, rare like the real man who can tame these horses, portrayed as the good-looking cowboy smoking a cigarette. In my version there is no backdrop, the scene is taking place in a studio with a black rubber floor and black walls. We only see black leather motorcycle boots which are worn by a man whom we never see in full. As the video starts, a pair of woman’s hands begin to rub the boots with lube. A female narrator with a southern accent begins to speak about the rare woman “who loves her man more than she should” -
a play between two lovers who cease to break free from the stigma of today’s society in which anyone “on their knees” is seen as a victim.

©Branislav Jankic