The Man Who Caught The Golden Shark (self-portrait)


Digital C-Print, framed in a self-made steel frame and armoured glass, with the story written on a steel plaque. 

46 x 30 x 2 inches (117 x 78 x 5 cm)
(hight, width, depth)

2 of 6 + 1 AP
Each piece is slightly different from another because of the special patina process. With the first edition sold.

Performance Documentation as digital color video, with sound, 2:33 min.

To watch the video of the live performance
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A man from Vukovar went fishing one day and he caught a golden shark. • — If you let me go, I will fulfill your three wishes, says the shark! The man thinks it's a nice catch, but what does he have to lose • — I want to give my heart to my daughter, so she has two! Her own she can fill with love and joy and mine she can use for all the pain and sorrows she will come across in her life. • the golden shark obeyed him, and the man’s daughter got his heart. • — what is your second wish? The golden shark asked him. • — I want to see my dead mother alive, one last time to tell her that I love her! • and so, his mother appeared alive in front of him; she looked content, but he felt nothing. He looked at her as if she was nobody. • he couldn’t tell her anything and so she disappeared again. The man was confused: • — why can’t I feel anything for my mother? He asked. • — you forgot that you gave your heart away and now you are just a shell of a man without feelings! Answered the golden shark. • — and now what is your third and final wish? • — if my body is a lifeless shell, then let me give it up! Said the man from Vukovar. • the golden shark jumped out of the water and landed on the man’s shoulder, and they switched bodies. From then on and forever the man from Vukovar became the golden shark who fulfils three wishes to anyone who catches him, but he is rarely caught! And the golden shark lives the life of a man with two arms and two legs!

©Branislav Jankic