Trailer 1:37 Min

92 min Experimental feature film (performance documentation)

The Witch’s Cauldron is a performance-based feature length film that explores the repetitive pattern of violence in the Balkans—its historic conflicts, as well as the contemporary tensions and contradictions which remain to this very day.

In the film, a live audience, consisting of different ethnic and religious groups from the Balkans, sit in a circle around a MMA fighting cage in which a single narrator recites six stories about six significant historical events impacting the Balkans.

Following each story, a real mixed martial arts fight occurs between Balkan fighters from different ethnic and religious groups—shot and framed to reveal not only the violence humans are capable of, but also manifesting the poetry of movement, mutual respect, and the very tangible intimacy of two human bodies struggling.

As each ethnic group in the audience cheers for their own, the recitations and the music gradually give rise to a frail and momentary sense of togetherness, reliving shared trauma and the hard work toward togetherness.