Exerpt from The Ascent of Kevin performance documentation
Three - Channel Video (72 minutes)
Dimensions variable

Three - Channel Video intsallation, performance documentation and sculpture

Within Hegelian and Marxist traditions, a surprisingly wide range of social phenomena—including religion, the state, and private property—have been categorized as having the character of a fetish. Indeed, Marx sometimes treats the phenomenon of fetishism as a distinguishing feature of modernity; where previous historical epochs were characterized by the rule of persons over persons, capitalist society is characterized by the rule of things over persons. My visualization of the phenomenon fetish is a thin red threat that possesses the power to override the impulses in the brain which assign and evaluate something as disgusting, degrading or dangerous. Through this process the fetishized object is then redefined and becomes a driving force of desire, need, fantasy that construct supplementary relationships of power. The individual is capable of accessing oblivion and yet remains completely conscious in his/her act of worship and adoration of the desired object. The fetish is like blood, it changes color the moment its presence surfaces to air.

The Ascent of Kevin (Fetish I) reveals the potentiality of the fetish; the complexities of such processes of subordination and domination of the individual through the control and experience of fetish are explored. Through a three-channel video installation, performance documentation, and sculpture, The Ascent of Kevin follows the process of making an object of fetish for an individual’s needs and wants—tracking the shoes through dirt, snow, animal feces, and other various substances—and the rewarding outcome of restoring the original condition of the shoes through the individual’s intensely devotional process of licking the shoes clean of their impurities. By creating a bronze-cast sculpture of the shoes and displaying it within a case, the shoes are memorialized as an ecstatic transcendence of the fetishized object, performance, and individual experience*.

*while generating a form of commodity fetishism…

The Ascent of Kevin (Fetish I), 2018
Cast bronze, leather, polyester,  human blood, animal feces

The Ascent of Kevin (Fetish I), 2018
Cast bronze, leather, polyester,  human blood, animal feces

The Ascent of Kevin (Fetish I), 2018
Cast bronze, leather, polyester,  human blood, animal feces.
Display made out of stainless steel, salvaged wood and bronze tinted glass.